Our products

Custom coating to meet our long existing customers’ high expectations

Flexfirm Products, Inc. manufactures a wide range of fabrics. We custom coat, matching to your color needs, and maintain an inventory of items in standard colors. We manufacture a variety of coated textiles for use in such products as cold air inflatables, tarps, covers, banners, as well as military and aircraft applications.

Width up to 62″, weight up to 22 ounces

Non-flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant fabrics (FAR 25.853, NFPA 701, California State Fire Marshall)

Water repellent; resistant to mildew, UV, and abrasion

Substrates: nylon, polyester, cotton, and fiberglass

Coatings: custom made PVC and neoprene

Standard colors (for Aeron and Daeron): Red, Orange, Yellow, Turf Green, Island Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, White, Metallic Gold, Metallic Aluminum.  We also custom color match.

Military / Aircraft Specifications

Applications include insulation blankets, windsocks, streamers, warning flags, protective covers and aircraft seats.

Testing / Certification

DMS, BMS, LAC, and a variety of Mil specifications including Mil-C-20696, Mil-PRF-20696,Mil-C-10799, Mil-C-22787 and others.

Flame resistance, tear strength, breaking strength.  Test reports & certificates of conformance available

In addition to military & aircraft specs, we manufacture our own brands


Vinyl or neoprene coated nylon – Width from 39″ – 60″ – Weight from 6 – 20 oz per sq yd – Plain or rip stop weave


Vinyl or neoprene coated nylon – Width from 48″ – 55″ – Weight from 2.5 – 3.5 oz per sq yd – Plain or rip stop weave


Vinyl coated polyester – Width from 39″ – 60″ – Weight from 8 – 18 oz per sq yd – Plain weave

And we can trim to narrower widths if required